What I Bet You Didn’t Know about Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and More!


This article written by, Liz Snyder, was brought to my attention by Linda Bacon, author of Health at Every Size. This excerpt alone was enough to grab my attention:

“Recently, nutrition researcher Linda Bacon was accused of being “in denial” on a major food-focused listserv for proposing the radical notion that both thin AND fat kids are harmed by a diet of nutritionally devoid, industrial food. Well, wipe my jaw off the floor. Are we so stuck in this rhetoric that we can’t see how manipulated we are by the food and diet industries? As long as we keep raising our kids with a need to ‘diet’ to be ‘perfect’ the food & diet industry will have a firm foothold in this country. Our yo-yo diets (and soon, our children’s)  translate to a better first quarter. Jenny Craig is owned by Nestle, and Weight Watchers is owned by the same multinational conglomerate that owns Keebler Foods. So who is really in denial here?”

Please take a moment and read the entire article it is truly enlightening and full of information that makes sense both intuitively AND scientifically.


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