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What Holiday Food Makes You Drool?

Tomorrow is Easter, which got us thinking about two things: holidays and food. After today’s post on Easter candy that makes you go OMG, I can safely say that I don’t plan to stuff myself tomorrow. Instead, I’ll have a few bites of chocolate so as to not feel deprived and stick to the veggies and lean proteins as much as I can. (Plus my family is having a brunch with a smoothie bar and fresh fruit—how cool is that!)

But other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, ai papi! Much harder for me not to go overboard with the food.

No matter how mindful I try to be with eating, I end up being stuffed, but at least it only happens a few times a year (and I learn my lesson quick that overeating makes you feel like boo-boo). What about you though? What’s your holiday-food weakness?

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Can’t see the poll? Click here to tell us about your holiday-food weakness.

Maybe this poll wasn’t such a good idea as I’m now craving all of the above! —Jenn


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