This Is What Happens When You Put Fast Food Burgers In A Jar For 30 Days (Video)


We told you earlier this week about McDonald’s “Our Food. Your Questions” campaign, which seeks to ease consumer doubts about the quality and nutritional value of the company’s food. Well, someone might want to show them this video we found, because it really makes you wonder what kind of preservatives the fast food giant is using in their food.

The video, posted to YouTube by BuzzFeedBlue, is titled “How Fast Do Burgers Age?” BuzzFeed bought a burger from seven different fast food restaurants for the video and placed them in a glass jar for 30 days. After 30 days, they take the burgers out and snap some close up shots of the decay and rot each burger has undergone. 

Let’s make sure this is clear: the more decay the better. Any food that’s left unrefrigerated for 30 days should look disgusting. If it doesn’t, there are some seriously powerful additives in it causing it to resist the natural process of decomposition.

That’s why McDonald’s burger is so concerning. Burger King’s burger is covered in mold after 30 days. Same for the samples from Wendy’s, In-N-Out Burger, Jack in the Box and the rest of the bunch. But McDonald’s burger? It doesn’t change a bit. No mold. No rot. Nothing. It looks the same on day 30 as it did on day one.

Now, you know all of these burgers are loaded with preservatives. We’re talking about fast food, after all. But just what is McDonald’s putting in their food that makes it totally immune to the aging process? Good question. McDonald’s says it’s because most of the moisture is eliminated from the burger during the cooking process. The searing of the patties and toasting of the buns does this, they claim. But if that’s really all that’s at work here, why do all of the other burgers decay so much more? Surely the other companies sear their patties and toast their buns as well. Your guess as to what specifically makes McDonald’s burgers age so differently is as good as mine.

Source: BuzzFeedBlue, McDonald's


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