What do Parents of Autistic Kids Want?


We want to know that somehow, some way we are strong enough.

We want to see what we are working toward and have the perspective and wisdom needed to get there.

We want quality, clear, and accurate information because we have so little time and energy to think.

We want to know that we’re part of a really great story.

We want to figure out what our kids are thinking about in the worst way.

We want to have some better clue about how our kids see and experience the world.

We want to know we aren’t crazy, and we want other parents to tell us that.

We want to know that others are going through this daily chaos, too.

We want friends who can keep faith in the good and the awesome on the days we can’t.

We want sometimes for people to just shut up and listen to us talk things out.

We want to know that we aren’t alone.

We want the world to accept our children as they are.

We want to be accepted.

We want to go and do things like other families do.

We want to be able to go out in public or on vacations and not spend hours or weeks preparing.

We want people to stop judging us and our kids in public.

We want to feel comfortable in our own skin.

We want to be able to let our guard down for a few minutes and just relax.

We want quiet times where calm reigns in the house and content kids are curled up next to us.

We want to be able to savor every good moment with our kids.

We want allies.

We want acts of simple kindness.

We want more services and less paperwork.

We want the end of years-long wait lists.

We want to know that whatever threatens our children will not overwhelm them.

We want our kids to be safe.

We want to know that we are able to protect them.

We want to be sure that our children will be provided and cared for even after we are gone.

We want a way to keep our children from being bullied, taunted, or made fun of.

We want desperation to be rare and fist-pumping awesomeness to be commonplace.

We want there to be enough money.

We want people not to fight ‘autism’ but to fight against prejudice and injustice.

We want people to seek opportunities to help every child succeed, because we know they can.

We want what any parent wants — the chance for our children to fully live out their potential and their dreams.

We want to kick butt and not just get by.

We want people to know that our lives are challenging, not tragic.

We want everyone to know that our children are wonderful, beautiful, and perfect just as they are.

We want everyone to know that we will fight for our children until our last breath and beyond.

We want the world to know that we wouldn’t trade places with anyone.

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