What are your 7 musical notes?


"The chords of the self should be tuned properly. It is an art to tune the chords first, and then to hold the instrument in a comfortable and steady way. You are the instrument and your chords are the 7 key musical notes that make up the self." an excerpt from Living with the Himalayan Masters

My body is the instrument and like everything else it needs to be nourished and heard. This is the only instrument I have. The practice of yoga is what keeps this instrument flexible, strong and healthy. Within this instrument resides my very being or in simpler terms the self.

My self  is made up of a variety of traits that needs fine tuning. Some more than others and some that just needs to be delicately fine tuned and heard on a daily basis. I like to think of my many traits as musical notes. 

There are 7 key musical notes and within myself are also 7 such notes (well I have many subtler ones but like to think of these 7 as my key notes) There is no order to the way I have placed them so you can avoid reading too much into it or analyzing the order! Am one step ahead of you!

Honesty: First to myself be it in my work or relationships and then to others 

Courage: To stay on my path no matter what hurdles come in my way and to learn to forgive myself and of course others. 

Non-judgment: I am human and it is not up to me to judge others nor myself.

Peace: Working towards maintaining a balance of my outer and inner existence here on this earth

Love: To give and receive this special gift from friends and family

Humility/Respect: To remain humble with the gifts that have been placed in my life. To respect others and their journey. Respect myself completely

Awareness: Walking my path with sincere awareness

So when you begin to adjust the sounds of these 7 key notes, sweet music begins either melodious or not. The self will either waltz to the tunes of Harry Belafonte, Elvis's 'Are you lonesome tonight' or will rock to  the beat of the Beatles or Coldplay. That choice is yours.

Your body which is the instrument will either synchronize its movements to the melody or it will freeze to the music that has been created.

The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind

The harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life

B.K.S. Iyengar


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