What are People Saying About: Michelle Obama & Snickers


Opposing Views reported on Monday that the king-sized Snickers bar will soon be eliminated in accordance with Michelle Obama’s war on childhood obesity. So we asked the question on our Facebook page – does the First Lady deserve credit or this, or should the government stay out of our lives? Here is a sampling of what you are saying:

Ercie Berwick: I wanted to get rid of it, probably long before the First Lady thought of it. But since she has more influence than I have, I say more power to her!

Lynn Overlin: Government needs to get out of our lives, our religion, and everything else that is proscribed by the constitution..

Angela Clymer: Ummm, where exactly does it say the bars are banned? Did I miss a piece of legislation, approved by Congress, which outlawed big candy bars? Seems to me they voluntarily committed to support her mission. This is not "government intruding on our lives." This is a mom and health advocate using her position as First Lady to encourage better habits, and a large company taking the rare step of being socially responsible and supporting the same. If you want to complain, send your letters directly to Mars.

Stacey Miller: Too much centralized government power. And am I the only one that thinks that time was wasted on a king size matter when, o I dunno there's a war, there's homeless people, hungry people, unemployed people......and their focus is on a damn snicker bar!!!!!

Ricky Barnes:This is outside the primary responsibility of government - to secure individual liberty - and, in fact violates the same. This is clearly misuse of government which, in this case, may have the power, but does not have the authority to impose such a restriction. Of course, if you can't get what you want in one bar, you can simply eat two. This measure infringes no one's liberty to pig out as much as they wish on Snickers bars. One wonders why bother with it at all.

Curtis Michael: Something needs to be done and i thank the first lady for taking charge to help fight "childhood" obesity not adult obesity if i am not mistaken. We as adults general can make educated decisions however kids for the most part can not and since the obesity levels are rising along with health related problems something had to be done and put some pressure on the junkfood companies.

Michelle Curtis: Govt. stay out. Its called self-control. If I eat a king size Snickers I will NOT get fat and die. If I eat 20 then yes I will get fat and die. Seriously people, the government and media makes it sound like you will get fat by eating one piece of cake.

Kim Fenner: How many of you saying "Keep the government out of our business" have posted in support of anti-abortion, anti-birth control, or anti gay marriage? You don't want anyone choosing a snack for you, but you want to make life decisions for everybody else. What hypocrites. This was a decision made by Mars, not First Lady Obama.

Bob Marquis: Our infastructure is falling apart, but our leaders from both parties are more worried about 
candy bar sizes, sponsoring license plate logos, forcing us to wear helmets and so on. Take care of the country, we'll take care of ourselves!

Marian Joy Barton Wilhide:I agree that this was a smart decision on the part of Mars candy company. There was no government pressure. Mrs Obama is not a government official and there was no legislation. I appreciate any business that is working to make US citizens healthier.


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