What are People Saying About: Fat Americans


A new study says using body mass index (BMI) to determine whether someone is obese is a flawed method. Rather, a person's body fat should be measured. Using this new criteria, researchers say some 60% of Americans should be classified as obese instead of the current 33%. This led us at Opposing Views to ask you on our Facebook page: Why are so many Americans fat? Here's a sample of your responses:

Neil Maietta:Anxiety. Anxiety and stress cause nervousness and Americans in embracing modern life have increased their anxiety and stress levels dramatically which in turn is compensated by gourging on comfort food and eating to experience just the pleasure of eating. End result...an overweight, stressed out nation.

Adam J. Choit:The cheapest and most accessible food (fast food, etc) also tends to be the most unhealthy. That, and a lack of education, discipline, and the fact that we don't eat breakfast, eat unhealthy lunches, and tend to have our biggest meals for dinner -- then we sleep on all those calories.

Thom Meyer:Where to start. We don't teach squat about nutrition in schools. We've been eating Genetically Engineered foods for a couple of decades that are filling us with toxins. Half the people in this country can't spell exercise let alone do it.

Ryan Tartisel:It does not help that our children are being fed absolute garbage in public schools and any attempt to reform that system has been met with "hands off our children".

Cherish Greene:Because p.e. classes are one of the first things cut because it is an elective. No pe in elementary, 1 year for middle school & either half a year or a full year for high school that is it for 12 years of school.

Charlie Danger Snyder: It's idiot parents who shun healthy eating habits and pump their kids full of trash to the point that they never really understand what a healthy meal is.

Bubba LeDuc:Easy, Americans have become lazy, lathargic, and inactive while consuming massive amounts of calories. Since when is being fat a disability?

Mary Kaschak:People are fat because they are lazy and have no self-discipline (except in rare exceptions where there are TRUELY health problems - not just excuses).

Cheryl Chop Stephens:Because we eat too much fast food and don't exercise enough. I've been to Europe and you don't see hardly any obese people there, they eat more veggies and walk or ride bikes all the time.


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