We’re Three! Now Let’s Get This Party Started.

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Break out the party hats! We’re turning three years old! Although our “official” birthday isn’t until Thursday, one day to celebrate just isn’t enough. So we’re declaring this entire week a holiday for all the Fit Bottomed Girls out there. (Watch out, at 10 years we may take the whole month.) If this is your first FBG B-day rodeo, here’s how it works and what to expect.


Just kidding. Well, not really. It is pretty crazy. Every day we have two special posts highlighting something awesome and highly entertaining from the past year—including the FBG awards the Fitties and the Noshies. Then every afternoon we blow your socks off with a big ol’ giveaway worthy of back flips (or at least the fervor of someone who is physically able to do back flips). On top of that—oh, yes, there’s more—we’ll be sneak-attacking you with more giveaways on our Facebook and Twitter pages. While the giveaways on posts give you a full week to comment to enter, the Facebook and Twitter giveaways will be rapid-fire style with a first-to-respond wins game a-happenin’ at random times throughout the day. So. Much. Fun.

So hang on to your fit butts, ladies. This party is officially started! —Jenn


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