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Well, That Didn’t Last Long

The lack of studying I mean.

It was like, oh hooray! I’m a nurse! I can finally take a break from studying!

Uh….no. Granted, I knew this was a profession of continuing education…but my goodness!

My first week of orientation prior to going to the floor, I took a blood administration test and med calculation test. Then, a couple of weeks later I had a 2 day EKG class and had to test out of that.

And now? I’m getting ready to do my RN-to-BSN program. I graduated with my diploma and Associates in Health Science. But, it’s time to get the BSN because, well, I may be on a plan to become a CRNA.

I know. It sounds insane. I just got out of nursing school! But, being in the PACU, I work with some amazingly brilliant people. And my preceptor (who is freaking awesome!) has determined that I’m destined to become a CRNA. Something I had thought about previously, but was unsure about whether I really had the potential. But this last month and a half on the floor is making me think that maybe, just maybe, I could do it.

They say that as a new grad that you don’t feel remotely comfortable until 9-12 months in. And in an acute care setting, it could take up to 18 months. I’ve been here a month and a half and feel pretty darn comfortable. Cozy, even. It’s the perfect environment. It’s true teamwork on this floor. And my cozy feeling isn’t me trying to say that I know everything. Quite the contrary. But I have been comfortably taking two patients with my preceptor acting as a resource. When I don’t know something, I ask, work out the answer, and move forward. It’s great!

SO. That being said, if that ends up being the plan….well, there will be A LOT of posts in your future.

Thoughts? Am I totally insane? Please say you’ll stay along for the ride!




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