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Weight-Loss Challenge Check-In: Becoming More Mindful

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Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re not about restrictions up in here. We believe that a good eating plan involves everything you love (Wine? Yes! Chocolate? For sure!) because life is too short to be tempted and tormented by cravings. Just eat healthy foods the majority of the time, indulge when you really want something, savor every bite and make a commitment to love yourself no matter what life throws at you. You do that, and you’re doing okay in our book.

This is one of the lessons we teach in our FBG Weight-Loss Challenges, and while it sounds simple from the get-go, it takes practice. But, like they say, practice makes perfect, which is what the ladies during our April FBG Weight-Loss Challenge are learning. Our Cincinnati leader is definitely getting it, and it’s spreading throughout her whole team of fam and friends.

“It’s awesome how much this has made a difference on the food choices we have for our Sunday dinners,” she says. ”For Easter, we had more veggie plates and less cheesy appetizers (and the veggies were organic!), and more salads (we had a make-your-own green salad, a fruit salad, a cold green bean salad…)!”

Additionally, the leader says that everyone is becoming more mindful, and one participant even put the scale away for good. And the other FBG WLC team in Indiana is kicking butt and taking names, too. Talk about awesome! At just half way through, we can’t wait to see what these ladies do…

If you’d like to learn about mindful eating and break the addiction to the scale,be sure to read more about our Weight-Loss Challenges here, and consider leading a team in your community. While there is a cost for participants, leaders have complimentary registration and they have the added benefit of gathering a group of their gal pals to lose weight and get healthy together—while also having a darn good time. We are currently accepting applications for our July challenge—which will be here before you know it—so don’t delay! —Jenn


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