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Weight Loss: A Love-Hate Relationship with the Scale

The scale can be a scary, mean little monster, which is why here at FBG we moderate their use and don’t let them rule our world. You think stepping on the scale during that time of the month or after a few extra treats is bad?

Ha! I laugh at that fear. Beware a moody scale One minute he’d be one weight. Then he’d step back on and gain 10 pounds. The scale also seemed to weigh me an additional 5 pounds heavier than usual. Maybe I was having a bad day…or maybe the scale was under the weather?

Although the scale gave me attitude, that doesn’t stop me from adoring its prettiness. I currently keep it in the main bathroom and when guests come over I always hear an “Oooh!” from behind the door. I hate to knock the scale completely, so I make sure to tell folks that while mine may be off on occasion, everyone else seems to love their scales. The reviews on Amazon are pretty convincing. We’ve actually reviewed other EatSmart products and been pleased. Heck, Jenn evennamed her scale!

The lesson in all of this? If you’re gonna use the scale as a tool, make sure that you use it correctly. Be sure to read the instructions, calibrating it if necessary, and always weigh yourself on a hard flat surface. And probably the best advice of all: Never let the number on the scale determine your worth!Alsocheck out our poll on weighing into share your thoughts on stepping (or not stepping) on the scale!—Tish


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