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WeGrow, Huge Medical Marijuana Store, Opens Near White House

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If President Obama really wants to continue his war on medical marijuana, he doesn't have to go far -- all he has to do is deploy his troops down the road from his house.

The New York Daily News reports that WeGrow, a "mega medical marijuana store," opened a location in Washington, D.C. last Friday, just four miles from the White House.

WeGrow, which has several stores out West, does not actually sell marijuana or even pot seeds; it sells anything and everything you would need to grow marijuana in your own home.

"I find people are really thankful I'm advancing the cause of medical cannabis," store owner Alex Wong the News. "Anyone from Maine to Florida who needs hydroponic equipment, I'm here to provide it for them."

In 2010 D.C. joined 17 others states which allow patients to use medical marijuana if they have prescriptions from their doctors. However, the federal government bans such practices and does not recognize the state laws. Obama's Justice Department is cracking down on dispensaries, conducting raids on businesses that operate under those state laws.

The D.C. law has not been fully implemented, as growers and sellers have yet to be selected.


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