Weekday Vegetarianism - a Happy Medium?


Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger.com, is not a vegetarian - not 100% of the time, anyway. This might come as a surprise, given that, as he says, he has "hippy parents," started a website dealing with environmental issues, and is generally an all-around "green guy."

In a talk he gave for the nonprofit organization TED, Hill admitted he can't quite give up meat, though he knows how bad it is both for him and for the environment. He doesn't eat a whole lot of beef, but he can't bring himself to eliminate it from his diet entirely. So he's chosen a third option: weekday vegetarianism. From Monday to Friday, he eschews meat. On the weekends, he's free to eat anything that strikes his fancy. "Cutting five days a week is cutting 70% of your meat intake," he says. This in turn cuts the amount of animals slaughtered, the emissions that beef processing releases into the environment, and the health risks stemming from eating meat.

"[Weekday vegetarianism] has been going great," says Hill in his TED talk. "My footprint is smaller, I'm lessening pollution, I feel better about the animals, I'm even saving money. Best of all, I'm healthier, I know that I'm going to live longer -- and, " he leans forward and whispers conspiratorially to the audience -- "I've even lost a little weight."

Hill ends his talk by encouraging the audience to become weekday vegetarians. "After all," he says, "If all of us ate half as much meat, it would be like half of us were vegetarians."

Check out Graham's chat:

show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7sKMj85hDw


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