Bogged Down in Fitness Failure? Create a "Can-Do Journal"

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My arms are killing me today, and I absolutely love it. My sister came over last night to start her “wedding boot-camp” training since she is in a wedding in a few months and wants to feel amazing in the bridesmaid dress. We alternated using my punching bag with some resistance and free weight work. I think she was starting to hate me when I would ask “how do you feel?” and then follow it up with “ok, do 10 more push-ups”. What are sisters for right? Needless to say we both had a hard time lifting the fork to munch on some quinoa and asparagus after our workout. (Photo source)

To be perfectly honest, until last night, my workouts have been slacking. With school, work, the blog, and my recent addiction to YouTube, I have not been devoting nearly enough time to working out (and by nearly enough I mean I haven’t worked out in a few weeks — yikes!).

Whenever I start to miss a few, my attitude starts to get really negative, and I end up missing more and more until I just continue to feel bad about myself. As I blog-hop, I notice I am not alone in this feeling so I propose those of us struggling with this create a can-do journal. Instead of pointing out your mistakes (i.e, listing every treat you indulge in, workouts you skipped, etc) let’s celebrate what we have accomplished no matter the size!

Can-do journal

  • Create a list of goals.
  • Log everything positive you do to reach that goal.
  • Write down what you like about yourself.
  • Nothing negative goes into this!

Focusing on what you are doing right, rather than the bumps along the way, will give you the confidence and motivation necessary to reach your goals!

What things do you do from keeping discouragement from snowballing?


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