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Food Review: Two 'Smarter' Sundaes

We are far from perfect here on FBG when it comes to our diets. And, actually, we like it that way. Perfection is not onlyno fun, it’s also unrealistic. Not to mention that all of us are in different stages of our healthy eating lives. Which is where today’s review comes in. Despite the fact that Weight Watchers Smart Ones are highly processed and have a long ingredient list, we’re trying them today because sometimes a girl craves a sundae. And sometimes having access to lower-calorie versions of higher-fat foods can help drop pounds for those looking to get healthier but aren’t quite ready to give up dessert. With that said, bring on the taste-test!

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Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae

Pretty sure I’ve never met a chocolate fudge brownie sundae I didn’t like, and this 140-calorie treat is no different. Sure, when you open the package it looks nothing like the photo on the box, and it does have that slightly too sweet diet-y taste that doesn’t really stick with you, but it certainly satisfies a craving. With 2.5 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein and less than one gram of fiber, I do wish Weight Watchers had added some more fiber and protein to the sundae, but again, if you’re dying for a chocolate brownie sundae, this isn’t a bad option. And it’s certainly better than this nutritional bomb.

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Turtle Sundae

Next on the taste-test list was the Turtle Sundae. Oh, turtles, how awesome you are with your chocolate and caramel and pecans. And seriously, throw in ice cream? Thank the dessert gods. While the idea is awesome, this particular sundae falls a bit short in the taste department, in my opinion. Like the brownie sundae, the low-fat vanilla flavored ice cream tasted like diet ice cream, and the actual product was far less appealing looking than the package photo. While I liked the caramel sauce, the pecans were few and far between, which is—I guess—no surprise since the whole dessert contains just 130 calories and 3 grams of fat.

While we don’t recommend that you make these an every night treat (a little Greek yogurt with honey and fruit is waaay better for you!), in a pinch or in a craving, they can totally hit the spot! We’ve said it once (or 8,000 times), and we’ll say it again: Everything in moderation! —Jenn


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