Wawa Store Bans Military Vet Patrick Stark Because of his Medical Service Dog

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Patrick Stark goes everywhere with his medical dog, Copenhagen, who alerts him when the seizures are coming, enabling him to avoid them, which has saved his life.

The military veteran has had seizures since suffering a brain injury when he was mugged three years ago in Seattle, Washington.

Stark now lives in Millville, New Jersey, with Copenhagen.

Two weeks ago, Stark was in a Wawa store, when employees said that Copenhagen was not leashed properly and they weren’t sure he was a real service dog.

Stark told CBS3: “They were saying there’s nothing wrong with you. He’s not a seeing eye dog. Really ignorant things.”

“I tried to reassure them it was service dog and the customers joined in with the yelling. Then I asked who was in charge and I would show them all the paper work she would want.”

Stark says he showed the manager his papers but still, he was asked to leave and the police were called.

In a statement Wawa said: “We apologize for any inconvenience or issues we caused Mr. Stark. Qualified service dogs are permitted in all Wawa stores. Because we are a food establishment we have to comply with strict Board of Health regulations which do not permit pets in our stores, but of course qualified service animals are permitted and welcome.”

Stark does not feel he was offered a real apology and says not only will he not be back, but he’s now considering legal action.


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