Water Works: Three Moves to Work It Out in the Water

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As summer heats up, outdoor workouts can be a little tough going. By taking your workout to the pool, you can wear yourself out while enjoying the sun and keeping cool. So even if you’re just hanging out at the pool—be it on vacation or at your neighborhood pool—you can fit exercise in without even getting dressed!

3 Awesome Water Workout Exercises

1. Water aerobics.Water decreases the impact and stress on the joints while increasing resistance as you move. Standing in chest-deep water, you can do moves such as jumping jacks, tuck jumps, scissor kicks, knee lifts, cross-country skiing, arm circles and cycling. You might look like a big of a spaz, but you’re probably looking better in your suit than those who think you look like a nutter. If you are looking for more of a group atmosphere, find a YMCA near you for an instructor-led group water exercise class. Classes nowadays fuse kickboxing, yoga and Pilates moves for a great workout. And waterobics isn’t just for grannies anymore, although, I’ll be honest—my fit bottomed granny does rock out the water aerobics.

Calories burned, 150-pound beach bunny: 136 for 30 minutes.

2. Water walk. Walking or jogging in the water are both excellent forms of aerobic exercise. To water walk, simply get in waist-deep water and get your walking groove on. For a water jog, you can put on a floatation device, such as a buoyancy belt, move to deeper water and pick up the pace. Or stay in the shallow end and try to run through the water like a crazy person.

Calories burned, 150-pound water hottie: 272 jogging for 30 minutes.

3. Tread water. It sounds simple, but treading water will get your heart rate up and wear you out. If you like the comfort of being able to touch the bottom, stay in the shallow end and get those arms and legs going. If you’re a stronger swimmer, get in deeper water and tread for up to 20 minutes. If you want an extra challenge, lift your hands out of the water to make your lower body do more work. Trust me, you’ll feel the burn.

Calories burned, 150-pound aqua babe: 91 for 20 minutes at moderate effort.

So even if you don’t like to swim laps, or your pool is more of the kidney-shaped variety, you can still get your heart pumping in the water. Be sure to drink non-chlorinated water during your workout. You might not feel hot or thirsty, but some of those drops rolling off your svelte body are actually sweat, so make sure you keep the fluids handy.

Click here for a video demonstrating how to tread water. Try to ignore the eye-rolling at 0:17. Not sure what’s going on there, but I’m a little creeped out. —Erin

Originally published on June 30, 2008.


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