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Woman's Knee Bends In Wrong Direction While Doing Leg Press (Graphic Video)

A woman appears to have snapped her knee and broken her leg while doing leg presses on an exercise equipment, and the incident was caught on camera.

A leg press is a machine used in strength or resistance training, and it requires a person to push weight away, according to the Daily Mail.

But in the disturbing video below, the unidentified woman can be seen relaxing her leg while it is extended, instead of keeping her knee bent to support the weight. This results in her knee bending in the wrong direction. Ouch!

Check out the clip below (Warning: Graphic content. This video isn’t for the squeamish.):

The Inquisitr notes that the woman breaks her leg after locking her knees, which you should never do when you leg press on this type of workout equipment.

Experts advise those who wish to carry out exercises such as a leg press to undergo a period of supervision and proper training in advance.

Some say that resistance machines can be dangerous because they isolate muscles in a way that does not mimic how a person would normally move.

“The problem with leg press machines and many other weight machines is that they create a way of moving weights whilst isolating certain muscles and joints,” Helle Hammonds, founder of GymClass in London, says, according to the Daily Mail. “The body is not supposed to move like this. Instead when the human body moves an object we tend to use a whole bunch of different muscles and joints to get the job done.”

She adds: “These weight machines create an unreal environment, using inappropriately heavy weights and incorrect form can, as the video shows, cause problems. I have seen many injuries to people's lower backs from leg press machines in particular, as they lift weights that are too heavy. Through research the fitness industry has now moved away from sending clients on this kind of machine and I would recommend people use free weights to do exercise such as a squat, spilt lunge or a waking[sic] lunge.”

Sources: Daily MailInquisitr / Photo Credit: Kevin Terst/YouTube


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