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Washington Denny's Reopens After YouTube Video Exposed Dirty Kitchen (Video)

A northwest Washington Denny’s restaurant closed last week after an undercover video exposed its filth-covered kitchen layered in old food and dirty dishes.

In the video, food was crusted in spaces between kitchen appliances, dirty dishes and utensils were piled on the sides of sinks and grime was caked to several cooking surfaces.

The footage of the Ferndale Denny’s currently has 12,000 views – one viewer was so disturbed by the mess that Whatcom County Department of Health was alerted and inspector Tom Kunesh was sent to the restaurant on July 2.

While Kunesh said the violations would not cause serious illness, he promised to inspect the restaurant in a week to ensure its “deep clean” met code requirements.

The restaurant had already closed before Kunesh had arrived.

Kunesh gave the 24-hour restaurant permission to reopen once it fixed the drainage of the ice machine and condensate drains in the refrigerator instead of waiting for the follow-up inspection.

While Kunesh noted that sanitary neglect usually does not escalate to the level of the Ferndale restaurant’s, the location has a record of violating code. Last July, a health inspector found evidence of improper cleaning on several occasions, and the restaurant issued a compliance agreement.

Until last week, there had been no follow up inspection.

“Any kitchen in violation of local heath standards is unacceptable, evaluated and corrected immediately,” Denny’s wrote in a statement to The Huffington Post.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Bellingham Herald


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