Dream Job? Medical Marijuana Critic for Tucson Weekly


Dream job? It may sound like it, but when the Tucson Weekly advertised for a medical marijuana critic, the controversial classified ad caused consternation among the townsfolk.

Jimmy Boegle, editor of the Tucson Weekly, was accused of promoting drug use, and the newly-created position has interested only seven applicants thus far. But Boegle is undeterred. He told the UK Daily Mail that “there’s going to be a bunch of sick people trying to get medical marijuana and there will be a lot of new businesses where they will be able to get their prescriptions. They are not going to know what these business are like.”

Much like a restaurant review, the new drug critic would “review the prices, what kinds of things are offered, how good the stuff they are selling is in terms of helping them with symptoms.” Boegle admitted that part of the motivation for advertising the position was to combat the stereotypes and “social stigmatism,” associated with drug use.

Arizona is one of 16 states—Delaware is the latest—currently allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana for medical purposes.


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