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Health Inspectors Find Flies, Mice, Roaches at KFC Location

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As if cutting off chickens' beaks and scalding birds alive weren't dirty enough, KFC has broken some pretty foul food-hygiene rules at one of its busiest branches in the U.K. In 2008, health inspectors found mice, flies, and cockroaches during an inspection of the carry-out restaurant. Originally denying this and other violations (including failure to provide hygienic conditions for hand-washing), KFC finally 'fessed up to the charges in a recent hearing.

From mold- and dirt-covered food-preparation surfaces to uncovered trays of bread and raw chicken caked with black grease, poor hygiene runs rampant in KFCs around the world. And did I mention the three KFC employees who were photographed having a hot-tub party in a KFC sink? That image is almost as sickening as the images in this video, which have prompted hundreds of thousands of people to sign our petition.

Posted by Amy Elizabeth


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