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Sports Illustrated Model Brooklyn Decker Shares Workout Tips

“Bikini season” can be seriously stressful! First, you have to go to the store, stand in an over-lit, flaw-enhancing, mirror-surrounded dressing room as you stare at places on yourself that you’ve never even seen before, all the while attempting to select a bikini that “looks good” on you. More than once, I’ve left crying. I have. Then, if you are able to bring yourself to drop the insane amount of money it costs to buy the itsy-bitsy piece of fabric, you get to brave the beach!

Thankfully, the whole scenario doesn’t have to be so terrifying. All you have to do is try out a few bikini-prep steps, 21 to be exact, thanks to the chick who pretty much embodies bikini-perfection: Brooklyn Decker—yes, the 2010 Sports Illustrated cover model—that Brooklyn Decker. She shared her 21 go-to moves with ExerciseTV (yup, the moves she practiced to help her get those gorgeous slim muscles plus the energy she needs to look great both on and off camera!) to help us regular folks prime our physiques for beach season. But do they really work? Um, have you seen Brooklyn’s body?

21 Days, 21 Moves

The concept is this: You’re getting 21 moves to get your bum in beach-sauntering shape. So, for the next 21 days you will visit ExerciseTV’s website for the move and tip of the day. It’s a lot less intimidating to just have to tackle one new thing each day than 21 all at once. Because, realistically, you can’t and won’t do it all in a day. Baby steps, sister! Each day you have one new, goal-oriented move to incorporate into your exercise program, keeping your muscles guessing, your mind engaged and your body dropping pounds like hot cakes…fat-free hot cakes, that is.

So What About These Moves?Well, you need to sign up to get them. BUT, Brooklyn gives us a little taste, saying that “The best part about these 21 moves is that you can combine them to make a great workout that draws influences from everything from yoga to boxing. You can also take each daily move and incorporate it into your existing routine.”

What Else Can You Do Besides the 21 Moves? Brooklyn is also big into cardio and strength training, which you can see from her new ELLE Make Better Program and DVD Series, like Bikini Boxing Sculpt Lower Body—boxing drills that tone your tush and sear off fat—or Venice Beach Skaters—a metabolism-cranking move that ups the calorie burn!

How Does Food Come Into Bikini-Prep Play? More than exercise, Brooklyn believes that nutrition plays a major role in being bikini-ready. “Nutrition is a HUGE factor in slimming down for summer. You can work out all day long, but if you are filling your body with junk, you won’t see the results you want,” she says. “The great thing about consistent exercise, though, is that you get to have that occasional chocolate bar if you want…completely guilt-free!”

But It’s Not Just About The Body. Since looking your best in a bikini isn’t just about being thin and tight, the beauty, nutrition and fashion editors at Elle magazine offered up their trade tricks too. It’s good stuff and since you spend your day scouring the internet anyway, it will feel good to know that you are getting some seriously high-quality, tried-and-tested tips! Yes, the chicks at Elle are letting you in on model-secrets like:

  • How to incorporate summer runway fashion trends into your swimwear.
  • How to exfoliate properly before applying self tanner.
  • How to cut down on discomfort after summer waxing.

Come on ladies, that clock is ticking! The longer you put it off, the less time you have, and suddenly you find yourself on B-day (bikini day), encircling yourself with a sarong because you never quite found the time to start your workout. If anything, do it because you’ll feel better about yourself. And even swathed in a sarong, that confidence you get from working out (yes, it’s proven that exercisers feel better about themselves!) can make all the difference.

Need a little extra motivation, or work best in groups? Great! ExerciseTV has formed a community of other bikini body-focused ladies who love to gab about what works, what doesn’t and what to do when you just plain lose steam or totally fall off the healthy bandwagon. After your 21 days, if, that is, you honestly stick with the program—no cheating—you might not have Brooklyn’s dream-making body, but you will definitely look better, stronger, tighter and ready to strut it along the seashore. —Laurel House

A big thanks to ExerciseTV to hipping us to this cool bikini-ready program! —Jenn


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