Wanderlust Speakeasy Video | Elena Brower & The Freedom of Discipleship


In 2010, Wanderlust Festival launched the Speakeasy video series  - a casual lecture series on subjects pertaining to the mindful life. The Speakeasy was meant to be just that — an experience where people could “speak easily.” Not meant to be a stuffy lecture, the Speakeasy is about lounging on pillows sipping tea and kombucha and letting ideas flow through.

In Wanderlust’s latest Speakeasy release, our good friend Elena Brower of NYC’s ViraYoga leads a discussion on the practice of softening, her experience with Anusara Yoga, and the freedom of discipleship. Watch it below, it’s beautiful.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Wanderlust’s Speakeasy was blessed to have an amazing line-up in its first year including talks from MobyMariel Hemingway, Adrian Grenier, John FriendChris SaccaShiva Rea and many others. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for this summers Wanderlust Vermont and Wanderlust California…we’ll be there, will you?


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