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Walter Unbehaun, 73, Robs Bank to Return to Jail

Walter Unbehaun, 73, was released from jail in 2011 after serving a 10-year sentence for a bank robbery.

Because he has been convicted of multiple felonies, Unbehaun has spent most of his adult life in jail.

According to, Unbehaun decided to rob a bank in order to return to jail.

Unbehaun recently walked into a Chicago, Illinois bank and allegedly told the teller: “This is a hold up. I have nothing to lose. I only have six months to live and have nothing to lose. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The balding old man showed the teller a silver revolver that was hidden underneath his jacket.

In response, the teller gave him $4,178 in cash, which he stuffed in his pockets before walking out. Surveillance cameras recorded Unbehaun walking to his sedan.

After the media circulated his pictures (above), police received a call from a man who recognized Unbehaun. On Feb. 8, police tracked Unbehaun to the motel he was staying at and arrested him.

Unbehaun now faces up to 20 years in prison.

Elderly inmates are the fastest-growing segment of federal and state prisons and are estimated to make up about 33 percent of all prisoners, the Berkeley Daily Planet reports. Jails are becoming retirement homes for low income seniors who need a bed, food and health care.

A 2012 Human Rights Watch report found that prisoners aged 65 or older grew at a rate 94 times greater than that of the overall prison population. This costs the U.S. government millions of dollars to pay for the care of people who often pose no threat.

For elderly Americans released from prison, the cost of living freely is just simply too high.

Unbehaun will likely spend the rest of his years in a cell, which is what he wanted according to court papers: "[Unbehaun] wanted to do something that would guarantee that he would spend the rest of his life in prison, and he knew that robbing a bank with a loaded gun would accomplish that."



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