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Video: Waitress Kristen Joseph Denied Right to ‘Breast Pump’ at Work

Single mom and waitress Kristen Joseph claims that a manager at Hennessey’s Tavern in Seal Beach, California, forbade her from using her breast pump in his office because he found it “disgusting” (video below).

Joseph said she never had a problem with pumping her breasts at work before and had previously used the manager’s office to pump in private.

She told CBS Los Angeles: “He said it was disgusting. He said he didn’t want me to spray all over his office. I was just appalled at what he had to say.”

“I went outside and I was freaking out and crying. My co-workers tried to calm me down…If I don’t pump, then my breasts are very engorged and they hurt and they leak.”

Joseph added: “They have to provide me a safe, sanitary private place. When I told [the manager] it was against the law for him to deny me of that, he kind of just went off.”

"“I’m not trying to do anything negative. I’m taking this as a very positive opportunity to make the situation aware to other women, to mothers. Because we’re all interested in the same thing: the well-being of our children."

California law does “allow a mother to breastfeed her child in any location, private or public, except the private home or residence of another."

Joseph said she contacted Hennessey’s corporate office and is waiting for a response.


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