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Man Spends Thousands To Look Like Marilyn Monroe (Photos)

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A waiter in France captured international attention after he spent thousands to look like late actress Marilyn Monroe.

Cyril Roux, 32, spent roughly $12,000 on lip fillers and Botox to look younger and to resemble his idol, Monroe, the Daily Mail reports.

"At the age of 26 I had my first procedure, a Botox session, which was a great experience and just made me want more," explains Roux. "I've now had over 20 procedures including 16 lip fillers over the last year and a half, which I get topped up with 1 milliliter of filler in each lip every two months."

In the past 18 months, Roux has undergone more than 20 procedures, spending nearly $5,000 on his pout alone.

But Roux is nowhere near finished with his transformation.

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He is now saving money to pay for chin and cheek implants, as well as a nose job he will have done in Tunisia.

"I think I could say that I'm an addict to injections," Roux admits.

And although Roux loves his new look, he admits not everybody does.

"I often get haters, people that I don't even know sometimes laugh at me and say I look weird when they look at me," Cyril said. "But I'm proud to be a plastic guy and will continue to do it, as for people looking at me and judging me, I don't care. At the end of the day, beauty is very important not for others but yourself."

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It's just one of many times in recent months people have gone to extreme lengths to alter their appearance, prompting concern from some experts.

In 2017, one American woman died after traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, to get liposuction from an unqualified cosmetologist, just after Baja California authorities tried to promote the area as a low-cost but high-quality medical tourism destination, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"People think it’s like going out to lunch," says Anne Wallace, chief of plastic surgery at University of California, San Diego Health System, Forbes reports. "Like any surgery, it needs to be taken seriously."

Still, while some caution consumers to be wary, others argue cosmetic adjustments like Botox can be safe with the right doctor.

"Trusting your doctor centers itself as an important part of this process," writes the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, a medical spa. "No reputable doctor will inject a [dangerous] substance into the body. Botox works just like any other drug that a doctor might use, it’s safe if administered in the proper dosage. High-quality doctors can stop the signs of aging without putting you in danger."

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