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Vodka Saves Puppy After Accidentally Licking Anti-Freeze

Thanks to some clever and quick thinking of an Australian veterinarian, a 10-week-old American Staffordshire puppy survived a nearly fatal accident after it had ingested some anti-freeze.

The cure? Vodka.

When Stacey Zammit of Truganina, Australia realized her new puppy Cloe was dangerously sick, Zammit rushed Cloe to her veterinarian Matt Pascall. By the time Zammit arrived at the vet, Cloe was swaying and rejecting food, and close to suffering from complete renal failure, according to the Melbourne Herald Sun.

As it turns out, Cloe had accidentally licked some anti-freeze off spare car parts in her owner’s garage. The quick-thinking veterinarian hooked the puppy up to an IV drip full of vodka, which a nurse happened to have in her car after receiving it as a Christmas present.

“There’s toxins in [anti-freeze] called ethylene glycol and they’re very harmful to the kidneys,” Pascall told Australia’s Network Ten news.

The young puppy consumed almost a bottle and half in three days, which would roughly be the equivalent of seven or eight shots for a human every four hours, according to Pascall.

Because the puppy was so small, it took only a small amount or radiator fluid to poison her.

After four days at the vet, Zammit was able to take a healthy puppy home.

"She slept a lot and she was eating a lot, but she seems really happy now," Zammit said.


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