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Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Gestational Diabetes

If you plan to become pregnant or discover that you are pregnant one of the first things a woman should do is have her vitamin D level drawn it is a simple blood test. If the woman’s vitamin D level is, low supplements can help bring it up to normal and possibly prevent gestational diabetes.

The Study

One hundred and forty-seven women participated in a study at Westmead Hospital's gestational diabetes clinic. More than forty percent of the women had lower than average vitamin D levels at the start of the study.

Possible Complications of Vitamin D Levels

Aside from the link to gestational diabetes which carries a whole host of complications including premature labor and birth, blindness, increased risk of both mother and baby developing type 1 or 2 diabetes within ten years, and a very large birth weight baby (over 12 pounds) all of these can cause complications and some of them serious ones. Low vitamin D levels can cause the newborn to have weak bones, which can be broken more easily by a fall during childhood and adulthood.


All pregnant women or women who plan to become pregnant should have their vitamin D levels checked and take the proper measures to increase the levels to help prevent gestational diabetes and weak bone density in the babies.



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