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Virginia Lawmaker: If Ultrasounds for Women, Rectal Exams for Men

A Virginia state senator is showing her disgust for a bill requiring pregnant women to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion by proposing a bit of "gender equity" -- mandatory rectal exams for men before they can get Viagra.

The Washington Post reports that before a preliminary vote on the ultrasound bill on Monday, Democratic State Sen. Janet Howell stood up and proposed an amendment. 

“Prior to prescribing medication for erectile dysfunction, a physician shall perform a digital rectal examination and a cardiac stress test. Informed consent for these procedures shall be given at least 24 hours before the procedures are performed."

She added, “I just think we should have a little gender equity here.”

The amendment predictably failed, but by the surprisingly close margin of 21-19.

Howell said she didn't expect her measure to pass.

"This is more of a message type of an amendment, so I was pleased to get 19 votes," she said.

The ultrasound bill is expected to pass the full Republican-controlled Senate on Tuesday.


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