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Virginia Beach Approves Yard Sign: 'Parking Reserved for the Neighborhood A--Hole Only'

In the quiet town of Virginia Beach, Virginia, resident Jeanine Wenger has a sign in her front yard that reads: “Parking reserved for the neighborhood A--hole only.”

While Wenger's husband calls it "a matter of first amendment rights," some of their neighbors disagree, reports

“That’s not freedom of speech. That’s just hate speech,” said a neighbor named 'Joanne,' who did not give her last name. “It makes me sick to my stomach."

Joanne believes Wenger put up the controversial sign after a fight over where Joanne and her husband Thomas park their truck.

“It’s not just about the truck, it’s about everything. They’ve harassed all the neighbors,” said Wenger. “All the neighbors agree. They come by, they give me the thumbs up, and say go for it!”

Joanne also claims to have surveillance video that shows someone from the Wenger’s home tying balloons to her truck: “To be able to see it, my husband moved the truck to park legally on the other side of the street so I could see that vehicle. No one has a right to touch my stuff.”

The Wengers say they tied the balloons near the truck, but "wouldn’t touch their property.”

Instead, the Wengers put up their 'reserved for the neighborhood A--hole only' sign. In response, Joanne asked Virginia Beach Zoning Officials to remove it, but the city government said the sign’s not considered obscene.

Officials did advise the Wengers to move it further back so that it wouldn’t be on city property, which the Wengers did, only they replaced it with a bigger sign with extra words: “Definitely not a-hole in one. These golf balls are another form of harassment debris from our generous neighbors. Recommendation: Grow up or move away. Your history will always follow you."

According to city records, the couples have been fighting off and on for years.



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