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Viral Videos: Gay Teen Jonah Mowry Talks About Bullying

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A video that a 14-year-old gay California boy made to chronicle his torment at the hands of bullies has gone viral, and his mother said all of the support he's received is "uplifting."

In the video posted in August, a crying Jonah Mowry holds up signs that read:

-- "Suicide was an option... many times."
-- "I get bullied every day... This started in the 1st grade."
-- "A lot of people hate me. I don't know why."

Since the video was posted, there have been thousands of responses -- some of them nasty, but many others positive.

"I'm thankful," his mother Peggy Sue Mowry told ABC News. "There are a lot of people that are giving their warm wishes and uplifting Jonah, and I think that's good."

But there are many people who think Jonah is a fake. His mother is trying to dispel such talk.

"I'm disappointed that somebody could look at the first video and then look at the second and think it's a lie. He's a child. He's a 14-year-old boy. He's very young," she said. "First and foremost, I am proud of the responses we've gotten from people. I'm disappointed that people would question whether it's true."

Jonah posted a second video this week:


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