Here's What Happens When A Slice Of Processed Cheese Is Held Over An Open Flame (Video)

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A chef recently decided to conduct an experiment to show that sliced cheese isn’t actually cheese at all.

In the viral clip, Jose Raul Reyes takes a package of sliced cheese and holds one of the slices over an open flame. If the cheese was real, it would most likely melt, but in this case, it simply started to blacken, much like what would happen if one were to hold a piece of plastic over an open flame.

The video is disturbing mainly because so many people around the world enjoy eating pre-sliced, individually packaged cheese, but Reyes’ goal to shine a light of truth on what we’re putting into our bodies has clearly been reached, as the clip has now gone viral.

“I tried it out after hearing from a friend of mine that these cheese slices are not real cheese and don't melt, and he showed me what happened when you put them over a gas flame to prove it,” Reyes said, according to the Daily Mail. “I felt like I was being ripped off so I videoed it and stuck it on YouTube, and was surprised about the reaction.”

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Users online reacted with a mix of outrage and horror as they likely realized that they have no idea what they’ve been putting into their bodies all this time.

“Why doesn't the health Ministry ban something like this which clearly isn't cheese?” one user asked.

“If anybody wants to know why cancer is on the increase, look no further,” noted another.

“I’m not sure why people insist on calling ‘cheese’ a product that doesn't list any dairy in its ingredients,” one frustrated user expressed.

Take a look at the shocking viral clip below.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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