Videos: Summer's Eve "All Hail the V" Ads Racist?


The feminine hygiene company Summer's Eve has come out with an interesting new ad campaign called "All Hail the V" (you can figure out what the "V" stands for). But now some are calling them racist.

The initial ad celebrates women throughout history -- no problem there. But then the company put out three matching ads of a talking hand that looks like a, uh, "V." There is a white ad, a black ad and a Latino ad. The language in the ads are very stereotypical, writes the website Clutch:

The Black vagina is predictably sassy, changes her hair, and talks about hitting the club. The Latina vagina speaks Spanglish and punctuates her sentences with “ay,” and “boo.” And the White vagina just sounds…well, White (I know, I know).

What do you think?

White ad:

Black ad:

Latino ad:

Here is the original ad in the campaign:


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