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Video: Woman Steals Christmas Decorations from Home

Parker County, Texas Sheriff’s deputies are looking for an unidentified woman who reportedly stole Christmas decorations from the same home twice.

A surveillance video (below) shows the woman walking up a sidewalk in Aledo, Texas and stealing a holiday wreath off the front door of the home of Jon and Ashley Starnes. She also unplugs an extension cord and starts taking out two strands of lights in the middle of the night.

She returned a week later to steal more Christmas decorations.

Ashley Starnes told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth: “I think it’s scary that a grown woman would feel the need to do that. That she would walk up to the front door and take something. It scared me for my kids safety. She did not look scared. She was not in a rush, She was not worried.”

Deputies say thieves or a thief stole outdoor decorations on at least five homes in the Aledo, Texas area with in the last two weeks.

Jon Starnes told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth that he has taken down the rest of their outdoor decorations so they won't be stolen: "We are not going to contribute to her Christmas light stash anymore Everything is gone."

"There is really not another word I have other than pity. I hope she doesn’t step foot in the wrong yard it may make somebody else a lot madder than me."


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