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Video: Woman Sprays Man in Face with Mace During Convenience Store Argument

It sounds like a 'Seinfeld' episode. At a Super America store in Duluth, Minnesota, last month, a female customer sprayed a male customer with mace after the two argued about her slowness to complete her purchase.

A surveillance camera caught the bizarre fight on video (below), reports

The video shows an unidentified male customer fed up with how long the woman takes to decide on a pack of cigarettes.

The man then approached the cashier and asked for some Camel Lights. The woman became angry, turned to the man and said: “F*ckin’ A, you wait.”

As the verbal fight got worse, the man became more amused and told the angry woman that she was “cracking him up.”

Moments after the man said, “Come on, have a little sense of humor,” the woman sprayed him in the face with mace.

“Didn’t I tell your dumb ass?” she yelled.

No word, yet, if anyone was arrested.



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