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Video: Woman Pushes Man in Front of NYC Subway Train

A woman killed an ususpecting man by pushing him in front of a subway train Thursday night in Queens, New York. The incident marks the second fatal subway shove in the city this month (video below).

The woman had been following the man on a subway platform and mumbling to herself, according to witnesses.

The man had his back to her when she got up from a nearby bench and shoved him as the subway train pulled up to the platform, reports Fox News.

The unidentified man was pinned under the train as it pulled to a stop, according to police.

The woman was described as witnesses as Hispanic, in her 20s, heavy, wearing a blue, white and gray ski jacket and Nike sneakers.

A surveillance video, from a nearby intersection, shows a woman (possibly the suspect) dashing from a crosswalk and down a sidewalk.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared today on 'The John Gambling Show with Mayor Mike' on WOR-AM, where he recalled the release of many mentally ill people from psychiatric institutions over the past decades: "The courts or the law have changed and said, no, you can't do that unless they're a danger to society; our laws protect you. That's fair enough."


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