Video: Woman Addicted to Tape, Eats 3 Rolls Every Day

If you haven't yet had your fill of strange people on reality shows, then you won't want to miss 'Andrea' from Marrietta, Georgia, who is so addicted to eating sellotape that she consumes 6,000 feet of it every month, reports the Daily Mail.

Her freaky addiction will be featured on an upcoming episode of the Discovery Real Time show 'My Strange Addiction' (video below).

Andrea says: "I am addicted to eating tape. If I see tape in front of me I will pick it up and just start chewing. I have to have it. The first time that I’ve eaten tape was when I was out of gum, and there was tape. I took a piece, chewed it, and I have been chewing tape ever since."

Andrea eats about three rolls of sellotape every day. She even has a supply, attached to her wrist, to chew on while she's on the go.

She adds: "I usually take about this much of tape and I just put it in my mouth and start chewing. It’s just sticky when I first put it in my mouth. It has more of a chemical type taste to it. Sometimes it tastes like glue. I usually chew it for about 30 seconds. That piece will eventually dissolve, break-up. I swallow pieces of it, and I just put in another piece of tape."


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