(VIDEO) Witness in Fetal Pain Hearing Told By Committee Member That Baby Was "Viable"


When Alicia Hemple went to testify against Minnesota's proposed "fetal pain" ban, she likely didn't expect that one of the committee members would tell her that her baby, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, really was "viable" despite her own doctor telling her otherwise.

Rep. Bob Barrett, a freshman Republican, then told Ms. Hemple that she should have ignored her doctor's advice and sought help from a prenatal hospice group just as Sen. Rick Santorum did with his child.

"[Santorum] did open my eyes to the fact that a lot of these children are born and they do live a life past infancy, and they are happy kids.  And they can provide joy and love and support and they're part of a family.  And you obviously made the choice you did.  I would like to inform everyone who isn't aware to check out prenatal partners for life because they have a wonderful organization that helps families in your situation understand this issue that a lot people don't understand -- these babies are viable, they are important, they are God's child."

Watch the video below.


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