Video: William Swilling Walks Seven Miles with Sign for Kidney Donation for Wife

William Swilling, 77, of Starr, South Carolina, has been wearing a board that reads 'NEED KIDNEY 4 WIFE.'

Swilling is in search of a kidney transplant for his wife Jimmie Sue, who was born with one kidney and has been suffering with kidney disease for 52 years, reports the Daily Mail.

Swilling told WYFF-TV: "I didn't know what to do I thought of this, had it made. I want my kidney. That is going to save my wife and that's what I want. I love her more now than I believe when I married her because we're not two. We're one."

Swilling has walked seven miles with his board, which includes his phone number. As a result of his courageous effort, Swilling has received numerous phone calls and has six pages of names of people willing to donate a kidney, if they are a match.

Swilling said: "It's amazing. I just can't believe what's going on."

The devoted husband plans to continue walking the streets with the sign, even though he works nine hours a day at a construction company.

According the Daily Mail, the current waiting list for a kidney donor is nearly 93,000 people. A little over 5,000 kidneys are donated yearly.

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