(VIDEO) When You’re Strokin’ This Spring…


Springtime is here. Love is in the air. People of all ages are getting ready to do some serious strokin.’ And who can blame them? With the right information and resources available, sex can be healthy, positive and—dare I say—even fun.

Since some of us like the strokin,’ many of us want to avoid getting pregnant while doing it and unintended pregnancies cost all of us, we need to make sure that contraception is both accessible and affordable for everyone who needs it.

I hear that this year the Obama Administration intends to make a decision about whether contraception should, under healthcare reform, be provided by insurance companies without co-pays. I, for one, know that my co-pays are ridiculous and have prohibited me from using contraceptives in the past. Contraception is prevention, after all. If preventive services are supposed to be free under healthcare reform, it makes perfect sense to me that contraception would be covered. It’s sure to save money and lives. Win-win.

Virginity pledges and promise rings may work for some. (Although, my ring-wearing options are somewhat limited due to the wings.) However, for those of us who want to keep on strokin’ while preventing unintended pregnancies, we need something different.

So, in all of my wisdom, I approached Choice USA and asked them if they’d start a pact where people could promise to use contraception and urge the government to support us in this effort. A few raw-fish meals later, we had a plan. Thus was born the Prevent-A-Pact with me, Strokey the Penguin, as its spokespenguin. Check out the video for more information:

Take the Prevent-A-Pact today at Keep on strokin.’


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