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Video: Waiter Michael Garcia Refuses to Serve Customers Who Insult Special Needs Child

When waiter Michael Garcia recently noticed a family making fun of a child who has Downs Syndrome, he told the family that he would not serve them, which caused the rude folks to leave Laurenzo’s restaurant in Houston, Texas (video below).

Garcia has been regularly serving a family that includes a 5-year-old with Down Syndrome, Milo, reports Fox News.

The rude family visited the restaurant and began to ridicule Milo. They then moved to a table further away from the 5 year old and said “special needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

Garcia told Fox News: “Milo wasn’t being bad, he was just talking and making little noises. My personal feelings took over because that’s ignorance in my opinion and I told him, ‘Sir, I won’t be able to serve you.'"

When the restaurant’s management found out about the conflict, they supported Garcia. The story has hit the web and made Garcia an Internet hero.

Laurenzo’s restaurant’s Facebook page has been flooded with praise. The unidentified mother of 5-year-old Milo urged restaurant customers to tip the waiters heavily.


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