Video: University of Kentucky Police Force their Way into Student's Dorm Room Without Warrant


The University of Kentucky at Lexington's police department is reviewing the conduct of two police officers after they appeared in a YouTube video (below) threatening a student with expulsion while forcing their way into his dorm room on Saturday.

Official university policy states that police officers may not search a student’s dorm room without permission, reports

The video shows a student setting up a video camera, then refusing to allow two campus police officers to come into his dorm room.

The student curses and insults the police for several minutes. The police seem to believe that some alcohol was dropped from the student's dorm window.

One police officer finally invoked “administrative rights” to enter the room and said: "Listen man, do you want to be kicked out of this university? I can pave that road. We’re going to get you kicked out."

The police officers finally shove their way into the dorm room and one of them said: "There is no Fourth Amendment."


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