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Video: Two Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders Get Heads Shaved to Raise Money for Leukemia Research

Two Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders, Crystal Ann and Megan M, had their heads shaved during Sunday's football game against the Buffalo Bills to raise more than $22,000 for leukemia research.

The sacrifice was also made in honor of Colts' head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with cancer on September 26.  The haircut was performed at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Pagano, who lost his hair due to chemotherapy treatment, received a standing ovation from the stadium crowd with 11:23 left in the fourth quarter.

Pagano has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy and is scheduled to begin another on Friday, according to ESPN. He was released from the hospital on October 21.

The Colts beat the Buffalo Bills 20-13 on Sunday.

Interim coach Bruce Arians told the Indianapolis Star: "I couldn't be prouder of the football team because Chuck was here and the goal was to make him smile when he left, and I'm sure he left here smiling."


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