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Video: TV Viewers Outraged Over Pantyliner Ad Using the Word 'Vagina'

During a New Zealand television commercial, last night, a Carefree pantyliners ad used the words “vagina” and “discharge,” causing outrage among viewers.

An actress in the commercial, naked, except for a scattering of flower petals, says "even that bit of discharge in between our period is our body working to keep the vagina healthy."

She says that Carefree pads "lock away wetness and odor, helping you to feel dry, clean and fresh every day."

The Daily Mail reports that after the advertisement aired, the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) received nine complaints, with viewers objecting to the words "vagina" and "discharge."

Johnson & Johnson Pacific, which owns Carefree, said in a statement: "We have decided to take a bold approach in this campaign with the aim to tackle a subject which as always been taboo. We want to encourage women to talk openly about their bodies, educating them both on discharge and the benefits of using Carefree act-fresh liners on a daily basis."


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