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Video: TSA Forces Dying Leukemia Patient Michelle Dunaj to Lift Up Her Shirt in Public

Michelle Dunaj, who is dying from leukemia, claims that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents forced her to lift up her shirt in public so they could check underneath her bandages at the Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, Washington.

The TSA told KOMO 4 News: “At no point did a TSA officer open the passenger’s medically necessary liquids and the passenger was never asked to remove or pull off any bandages.”

However, Dunaj said TSA agents confronted her about a medically sealed bag of saline solution.  The TSA reportedly opened the bag and contaminated it. They also told Dunaj to lift her shirt to check under her bandages, reports

The TSA defended its actions after viewing security camera footage, which it refused to share with KOMO 4 News.

Dunaj told KOMO 4 News: "They just said that it was fine. The location we were at was fine. I didn’t feel that it was fine, because everybody was looking at me.”

Dunaj told the Associated Press: "My issue is: It was in front of everyone, and everyone was looking at me like I was a criminal or like I was doing something wrong. It shouldn’t have been in front of everyone."


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