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Video: TSA Calls Bomb Specialist on Wheelchair-Bound 12-Year-Old Shelbi Walser

The TSA recently detained Shelbi Walser, a 12-year-old wheelchair-bound girl, for nearly an hour at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport because they claimed to have found some explosive residue on her hands.

Walser was detained in front of hundreds of travelers, while the TSA called in a bomb specialist, reports

While the distraught girl was crying, the TSA refused to let her mother, Tiffany Daniels, get close enough to comfort her. However, Daniels was able to record her daughter on a cell phone video (below).

Walser was traveling to Florida with her mother to receive treatment for a bone disorder that keeps her in a wheelchair. Walser makes this trip every 4-6 months for treatment and never had any problems with the TSA before.

Daniels told Fox News: “There were people saying, ‘Really? You’re going to do this to her? Y’all have to take her somewhere private where she’s not out in the public and everyone can see her.'"

What TSA agents may not have realized is that wheelchairs pick up dirt, residue and anything they roll through, but amazingly the TSA never tested the girl’s wheelchair to see if this might have been the cause.

Daniels told CBS News: “Through all of this, no common sense ever kicked in. No one ever tested her wheelchair. If it was all about safety, why didn’t they remove her from her wheelchair and start testing the seat?”

“It was a little much. I don’t know what to learn from this one. Somebody, they need to go back to the drawing board on this one.”

When CBS News contacted the TSA, the agency refused to discuss the incident and provided a general statement: "We will address any alleged issued directly with the passenger and not through the news media."

However, the TSA did not address the the incident directly with Daniels or her daughter.  The TSA just suddenly let them go after almost an hour with no explanation.


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