Video: Therapist Caught On Tape Abusing Autistic Child During Therapy Session


Two parents curious as to why their autistic child’s in-home therapy sessions weren’t helping decided to set up a webcam in their basement to record the sessions. The footage they found is shocking.

27 year old therapist Steven Jacobs is seen on camera hitting, shoving, and grabbing 3 year old Caeden Lowe as Lowe cries in terror. Lowe’s mother watched the abuse happen, in real-time, from her home as the alleged therapy session took place in her basement.

The Lowe family set up a discreet webcam in the corner of their basement to record the sessions. Jacobs, clueless that he was being recorded, abused Lowe as one can only assume he’d done several times before.

“It’s about my son,” distraught mother Stephanie Lowe told WPEC-TV. “He deserves the therapy he was promised. And he deserves more than they gave him. And this could be happening anywhere. If I hadn’t put a video camera downstairs, we would have never known.”

Lowe says several other parents whose children were supervised by Jacobs have contacted her for information and support. Jacobs is now facing felony abuse charges for his actions. The abusive therapist brazenly told police that he doesn’t remember hitting the child because he studying for a test.

Autism Intervention Milwaukee says the incident has led them to investigate a number of other autistic children’s therapists in the area.

Here is the footage of Jacobs abusing Lowe. Be warned, it’s a bit tough to watch:

Sources: WPEC-TV, The Blaze


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