Video: Tennis Player Rafael Nadal Collapses During Press Conference - Opposing Views

Video: Tennis Player Rafael Nadal Collapses During Press Conference

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During a press conference at the U.S.Open, tennis player Rafael Nadal went into a seizure, grabbing at his right leg and putting his hands to his head (video below). Some feared that his entire body might go into seizure.

Nadal slipped back into his leather chair and gently slid down, falling to the floor behind the desk. The room was cleared as a doctor was called but, minutes later, Nadal was walking around as if nothing had happened.

Later, Nadal made light of the whole episode: "It was just unfortunate that it happened in the front and back of my leg at once It's just bad luck that it happened in public. It was really hot, I ran a lot and you sweat a lot in these conditions."

Fellow player Andy Roddick also played down Nadal's incident: "Not to put a dampener on the story, which I know you guys think is really big, but people cramp after matches when you're cold. It's just something that happens. It's just unfortunate it happened in front of you all. Every single player in there has had that happen before. Every single one."

Roddick added: "What we do, we run around, run miles and miles and miles and miles on the tennis court in nasty weather. You throw nerves in there, I mean, it happens. As long as it doesn't happen during a match, you're fine. I heard about it. They were telling me it was like this whole thing and people were surrounding him. I started laughing. I saw Rafa and he was laughing about it later on."


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