Video: Teachers Restart Student's Heart, Save Her Life

Two Texas teachers are being hailed as heroes after saving the life of a student who collapsed in a hallway from a previously undiagnosed heart condition. They used a defibrillator to restart her heart.

Kylee Shea, 12, was walking through the hallway at her school in Frisco, Texas when she suddenly collapsed.

“I sat down, then I fell over, and I don’t remember anything after that,” Kylee told NBC's "Today Show" on Monday.

Kristen Goodgion and Brent Reese rushed over to find Kylee convulsing and turning blue. Reese performed CPR while Goodgion ran to get the defibrillator, which is mandatory in Texas schools, as is training for teachers on how to use it.

They hooked her up and the machine went to work. "It told us to shock, and we both looked at each other in shock, like, 'This is really want we need to do right now?'" Goodgion said, knowing full well that if Kylee's heart was still beating and she received a shock, she would die instantly.

But they followed the instructions and shocked her twice, bringing her back to life.

Paramedics took Kylee to a hospital, where doctors said she had an arrhythmia and gave her a pacemaker.

Watch the "Today Show" interview:


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