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Video: Teacher Kinsley Wentzky Arrested for Sex with Students, Fired by School

English teacher Kinsley Wentzky, who was accused of and charged with having sex with two 17-year-old students, has been fired from her job at Dreher High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Richland District 1 School Board recently voted to fire 34-year-old teacher, reports the Daily Mail.

Wentzky was arrested earlier this month by police on charges of sexual battery with two 17-year-old male students.

School district spokeswoman Karen York said that Wentzky had been on administrative leave, with pay, while the school conducted its own investigation.

Wentzky's teaching certificate was suspended by the state education department on January 9.

According to police, Wentsky had sexual relations with a 17-year-old boy on or around December 20, 2012 in her home, reports The State.

Wentzky and the alleged victim reportedly provided sworn statements about their sexual relationship, which came to light when the parents of the teen called the school principal on December 27, 2012.

Wetnzky was also arrested last Friday for having several sexual encounters with another teen in his Columbia, South Carolina home in May 2011.

In South Carolina, the age of consent is 16, but in 2010 a law was passed making it illegal for teachers or other adults in authority in a school to have sex with students aged 16 or 17.

Wetnzky describes herself as a happily married mother of two young children on her class web page, which has been taken down.


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